Motivation don't consultants make

Most early stage ventures are highly influenced by the founder entrepreneur, probably not always for good. But while we don't shy away from taking credits for the upside, we dump the onus of motivation drop on other mysterious factors, making it a case for consultants.

Here are a few things you can practice to turn demotivation on its head.

1. MAKE A LIST of "What humans like" and "What humans dislike". Those are going to be normal behaviors, so expect them. Any departure would require special effort, rallying or incentives. Won't happen on its own, you can put that piece together yourself, or call a humanly consultant.

2. Success motivates, it need not be terminal success like an IPO. LOOK FOR DAILY SUCCESS, celebrate them. Size of celebration doesn't matter, many small celebrations do as good. Not all celebrations need to be well organized events, impromptu stupidities work well. Pull a few yourself, or call a stupidity consultant.

3. FOCUS ON HIRING AND STORYTELLING, that's going to be your full time perpetual job as an entrepreneur, delegate everything else. If you are not writing a good deep piece about your venture with team once a week, sack yourself. Or call an outplacement consultant.

You skip these three and consultants will eat your money. Now here are the same three in consultant's lingo:

1. Motivating HR policies built on human behavior science featuring improvised Maslow.

2. Employee engagement built for strategic alignment of team to Organization objectives.

3. Culture building that covers your mission, vision, purpose, values, posters, walls & more.

Probably now you'd trust the message.