Can you sell your job well?

If you meet your dream candidate in a party, or while shopping, or in a Metro, would you be able to get her onboard? 

CALL PITCH is what plugHR calls it. Probably a direct lift from tele callers who survive in those first few seconds by when you decide to either talk more or slam the phone. Call pitch is probably a few minutes effort and another few minutes of practice but it gets the attention coming. "Pick up lines for Jobs" is a simple way to understand it.

BIG PICTURE stands right behind the Call Pitch in your talent football. Once Call Pitch grabs attention, Big Picture needs to hold conversation with details, career stories, Why Us type of digging. Part of Big Picture would always reside on your website.

WEB PICTURE then becomes an important port of call for talent. Web Picture also allows candidate "my time", "my convenience" kind of detail study to validate first impressions you created with your Call Pitch and Big Picture ways. And if all goes as planned, she'll look for action button.

ACTION BUTTON is that prominent "Apply Now" on your Website's career page that locks the deal. "She's in" comes the email alert to you. And you really thought she's in?

MAIL RESPONDER is what covers for post purchase dissonance (remember marketing class). Make sure you've thanked, shared assurance, some cool links, probably a coffee invite in that "Thanks for applying autoresponder"s.

Now my friend, you've worked to sell. Anything less, you cheated yourself. So before you tell me you can't close positions, read this piece once again and get to work.