Your attendance system is an insult to humanity

And you run it daily on your talent, first thing in the morning, on ones you have paid dearly to hire. This must be very motivating morning ritual for the bright minds, isn't it? Or probably you are sure you haven't hired bright minds.

In the era of smart phones where in all likelihood, the last thing you staff would have done before sleeping would be checking mails and first thing she would do on waking up would be checking emails, your attendance worries are only in your head. Remnants of the thinking of your own generation.

Wake up Dinosaur, this is 2015, we are "back to the future" remember? It was 21st October 2015. Force crash that thumb impression, retina scan, card swipes stuck on your office gates, that gate isn't where the work begins anymore. Work begins on waking up, either before of during the morning Tea for this evolved generation. Spare them your ancient antics.

Ever thought about retiring?